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all day brunch

baked porridge (N) V $18
baked porridge, poached pear, spiced honey & yoghurt

crumpets V, VGO $20
sourdough crumpets, rhubarb, house made custard & shortbread

eggs benedict VO, GFO $23.50
poached eggs on sourdough, spinach, hollandaise and a choice of:
smoked salmon, bacon or fried halloumi

chilli scramble V,GFO $19

sourdough, sriracha scrambled eggs, whipped feta

& house made chilli crisp

corn fritters $21

spinach, avocado, bacon, whipped feta & poached egg

apple & blackberry pancakes V $21

buttermilk pancakes, apple & blackberry compote,

spiced coconut macaroon, double cream & blackberry sugar

classic pancakes V $18

buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup & double cream

smashed avocado V, VGO, GFO (N) $21

sourdough, avocado, roast beetroot,

goats cheese, radish & hazelnut

big breakfast VO, GFO $24

house made baked beans, bacon, tomato,

mushrooms, hash brown & choice of 

fried, poached or scrambled eggs on sourdough

eggs on toast* V $15
sourdough & choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs 

toasted sourdough V, GFO $9.50
sourdough & choice of Vegemite, peanut butter,

seasonal jam or nutella 


halloumi roll V, GFO $15

brioche roll, relish, spinach, halloumi

& fried egg


bacon & egg roll GFO $15

brioche roll, bacon, fried egg & choice

of relish, chilli jam, bbq or tomato sauce

fried chicken burger GFO $24
brioche roll, fried chicken, rocket,

cucumber, pickled jalapeños, & chipotle mayo with chips 

beef cheek burger GFO $24
brioche roll, slow cooked beef cheek, tomato,

garlic pesto & charred onion with chips

bowl of chips* $9.50

fried chicken $6

bacon, avocado, halloumi, house made beans $5 each

feta, tomato, spinach, egg, hash brown, pickled jalapeño, mushrooms, ice cream, sourdough toast $4 each

double cream, jam, hollandaise, relish, chilli jam, chilli crisp $3 each 

pancakes V $10

double cream, maple syrup $10
add ice cream +$2

egg & bacon on sourdough VGO, GFO $10

your choice of fried, poached or scrambled egg

apple juice $5

orange juice $5

pineapple juice $5

chocolate milkshake $5

strawberry milkshake $5

vanilla milkshake $5

coffee by single-o

white: killerbee blend
reg $4.5  large $5.5

black: ask staff for single origin currently pouring
reg $5.5  large $5.5

batch brew
reg $5    large $6

swap to alt milk +$1
extra shot of happiness +$1

authentic prana chai 

reg $5.     large $6

pot of tea $5.50
english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, green


iced drinks

fresh juice

High-Tide Menu 

serving from 7:30am until 2:30pm  

mixed berry smoothie VG $10
mixed berries, coconut yoghurt, coconut milk, maple syrup, chia seeds


banana smoothie VG $10

banana, dates, peanut butter, yoghurt, full cream milk

milkshake $9

iced coffee $9 


iced mocha $9

iced chocolate $9

green $10

cucumber, apple, celery

immunity $10

carrot, ginger, apple

orange $10

pineapple $10

pineapple, apple 

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