all day brekky

coffee by single-o

latte/ cappuccino/ flat white/ mocha/ long black/ espresso
small: $4.5   mug: $5.5

batch brew filter
small: $5.5   mug: $6.5

macchiato/ piccolo  $4.5

babycino $2.00


oat, almond, soy, coconut, lactose free

extra shot +$1

loose leaf teapot $5.5
english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, green, chai

prana chai latte
small: $5.5   mug: $6.5

hot chocolate 
small: $4.5   mug: $5.5

iced drinks

p&b smoothie (VGO) $9.50
banana, peanut butter, honey, yoghurt, full cream milk 
+ vanilla protein powder .50c

mixed berry smoothie (VG) $9.50
banana, maple syrup, chia seeds, coconut milk
+ vanilla protein power .50c

shakes- chocolate/vanilla/strawberry
milkshake $8 thickshake $9 kids $4.50
+ malt $1

iced coffee w coffee gelati & espresso coffee $9 


iced mocha w ice-cream, espresso & chocolate $9

iced chocolate w ice-cream & chocolate $9

fresh juice

freshly squeezed juice $9 kids $4.50

orange juice

apple juice

beet- beetroot, carrot, ginger, pineapple, apple

tropical- pineapple, watermelon, orange

green- pear, cucumber, apple, lemon

pinky- watermelon, apple

ginge- carrot, ginger, apple 

High-Tide Menu 

sourdough crumpets(VGO) $13
house-made jam, double cream, seasonal fruit


smashed avocado toast* (VGO) $19.50
beet hummus, danish fetta, seed mix
+ egg $3


corn fritters (VO) $21
smashed avo, bacon, spinach, poached egg, danish fetta


eggs benny* (V) $23.50
hollandaise, spinach
your choice of: bacon, salmon, halloumi


big brekkie* $24
bacon, house-made baked beans, roasted tomato, 
mushrooms, hashbrown, toast
your choice of: poached, scrambled or fried eggs

chicken & waffles $21
fried chicken, buttery maple sauce


pancakes (V) $21
choice of: rhubarb, candied orange, vanilla fairy floss, ginger crumble, double cream
or maple syrup, double cream


buckwheat & chia porridge* (N) $18
choice of: dried fruit, candied nuts, natural or coconut yoghurt (VGO)
or chocolate shards, almonds, candied orange, double cream $21


mushroom medley* (VGO) $22
confit garlic & celeriac puree, spinach, toast
+ egg $3

bacon & egg roll* $12
choice of: tomato relish, chilli jam, tomato or bbq sauce
+ mixed pickles $3

halloumi & egg roll* (V) $12
spinach, tomato relish

eggs on toast* (V) $14
choice of: poached, scrambled or fried eggs
+ your fav sides

sourdough toast* (VG) $8
choice of: house-made strawberry jam, vegemitepeanut butter or honey

lunch- kitchen closes 2:30pm
kfc burger* (VGO) $23
house-made pickles, kohlrabi slow, sticky gochujang sauce, side of chips
choice of: korean fried chicken, fried cauli 

halloumi burger* (V) $23
roast veg, house-made chilli jam, spinach, side of chips

hot chips
small $5 large $8

fried chicken $6.5

avo, salmon, bacon, halloumi $5
cauli, house-made baked beans, mushrooms, feta $4
egg, hash brown, ice cream, roasted tomato, house-made pickles $3
house-made relish, hollandaise, chilli jam, onion jam, seasonal jam $1.5

serving from 7:30am until 2:30pm